The Gunslinger was brought about through a sleepless night thinking of a way to combine a skimboard style board with a surf style board. At 2AM the Gunslinger was born. The next morning a call was made to Chris Ruddy and the rest is history. 

The Gunslinger has two channels running down the board with a flat center section. We combined this new bottom with a wider and thinner profile to allow a smaller board for larger humans. We kept our standard wide blunt nose, MōNō wave grip edge technology, and made it a squash tail. The board is fast, very responsive and quick to move around is a blast for those who love to air, carve and spin.


To reach the fullest potential of this board we recommend this board for experienced to advanced riders. 

  • Rocker: 
  • Rail Profile: Wave Grip Technology
  • Tail Profile: 
  • Nose Profile:
  • Rider Profile:
  • Fins: FCS and Nubster Quad Fin
  • Includes: MōNō Traction and Board bag.