The Rasta is smooth and fast. With its round tail and 2 channels running the entire length of the board you will glide across the wave with speed and agility. This board let’s the rider cut and turn quickly while maintaining speed which helps give the rider a pop off the wave.

There are two channels running down the board with a flat center section.  We have our standard wide blunt nose, MōNō wave grip edge technology, and with a round tail. The board is fast, very responsive and quick to move around is a blast for those who love to air, carve and spin.

To reach the fullest potential of this board we recommend this board for experienced to advanced riders. 

  • Rocker: 
  • Rail Profile: 
  • Tail Profile: 
  • Nose Profile:
  • Rider Profile:
  • Fins: FCS and Nubster Quad Fin
  • Includes: MōNō Traction and Board bag.