In the summer of 1983, at the age of 12, Cecil and Matt started shaping skimboards out of every piece of plywood they could get their hands on.  Spending hours cutting, sanding, shaping and testing boards, the passion was born. They started Wake Surfing a 6’6” Rusty behind their boat in Lake Powell in the summer of 2003. They got a few rides in before the National Parks Rangers came over and told them to stop, explaining they were too close to the back of the boat and what they were doing was illegal. 18 years later the same detail used in shaping the original plywood skimboards and a new found passion for all things wakesurfing has grown into MŌNŌ Wakesurf Technology. 

As the experiment continued, the early models were made short, narrow, slow, with a ton of nose rocker, and truly homemade in Matt’s father-in-law's shop.The best explanation of the original boards was that they were part of the evolution and all part of the process. 

Fast forward nearly 20 years. They continued to ride and buy boards, always talking about making their own. Cecil bought a board and shortly after it was delaminating, the board's manufacturer wouldn’t do anything about the obvious warranty issues so he decided it was time to look into making boards. When talking with a buddy who was friends with a surfboard shaper in San Diego named Chris Ruddy. 

In the summer of ’76 Chris’ dad got stationed in Hawaii through his service in the US Navy.  As a ten year old, he was living in the Navy Housing close to Ewa Beach on the south west side of Oahu.  That was all it took to get hooked.  By 1990 he had shaped 100 boards.  In 1992 he bought a business license and started Ukulele Surfboards in San Diego.  Since then, he has shaped some 30,000 boards mostly under the Ukulele label, but he also had the opportunity to shape for Dewey Weber, Dive n Surf, Bear, Surf Ride, and Toes on The Nose to name just a few. Chris has been shaping surfboards since the late 80’s and with this much experience we knew that we had the perfect person.

When the parties finally got together, MŌNŌ Wakesurf Technology was born. The passion that Cecil and Matt locked in on all those years ago and Chris’s extensive knowledge of the surf industry has brought together a company that truly understands how forced water flows affect speed and control, the difference between the inconsistency of ocean wave surfing and a somewhat more stationary and more consistent wave style that is created in the boating world. All this has helped us create these amazing wakesurf boards. 

I think it's time that you trust the process and see what a lifetime of passion and over 30 years of shaping experience looks like, or better yet, what it feels like. Our goal is simple, provide the best riding boards and back it up with an unbelievable customer experience as long as you own your MŌNŌ wakesurf board.


We want you to be stoked about our boards and service. Partially to be self-serving so you’ll refer your friends, but mostly we want you to love your everything about MŌNŌ wakesurf boards.

One Time - Free Dent and Ding Repair:  When you buy one of our boards we will fix your first ding or den you get during the first year for free! If you live in Utah, just swing by the shop and we’ll hook you up. If you live outside Utah or you would rather send it in, contact support for an RA #, box your board in the original box, and send it in. We will fix your first ding or dent free of charge. You only pay the shipping to the shop.

10 Day Ride Happy Guarantee: We know you’ll love your MŌNŌ wakesurf board but in the odd chance you don’t, box it in the same box we used and ship it back and tell us which board you want in replacement. We will pull it from the rack and send it out to you. No questions asked. The board must be in excellent shape so we can resell it.  So if you have a ding in it and you have damaged it in anyway, please call us before you send it back. We want you to have the board of your dreams but we also don’t want to crush those dreams because your board isn’t resellable. So if you have questions, hit us up we are happy to talk to you.  support@monowakesurf.com