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2024 Egg Skim Board

2024 Egg Skim Board

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  • Soft Rounded Egg Nose
  • MŌNŌ H2 Flow Technology - A very slight bottom concave adds extra stability.
  • Wave Grip Technology - Optimal Edge Sharpness from tip to tail
  • Tri-Fin Stavron Fin Boxes -
    • Tri-Fin        Beginner/Intermediate  "you can do this"
    • Twin-Fin     Intermediate/Advanced "come on try a 360"
    • Single-Fin   Advanced/Expert  "you make this look easy"
    • No-Fin Expert/Professional      "Amazeballs"
  • MŌNŌ Chub Fins - 1 1/2" fins designed for easy traction and quick release
  • Soft Rounded Tail Section- for easy water release and smooth turning
  • Skim Style Bottom - Simple bottom, very flat and optimal spinning
  • Ō EVA Traction - With No Slip Grip
  • Skim Style - Available in 20.5x49 (.89 thick) and 22x50 (1.07 thick)
  • Beginner to Professional 

Owners Cecil Read and Matt Ericksen started shaping plywood skimboards in 1982 and in 2020 when the idea of MŌNŌ Wakesurf Technology became a thing we knew this shape would someday be a MŌNŌ Model.  Wanting a new board to add to their already great surf style offerings, they decided to create their first Skimboard. This remarkably close copy of that 1982 board shape this is what we came up with, and it’s great. 

The '82 Egg comes in two sizes so that riders of both small and larger sizes have an option. The larger board is not only larger in surface area but also thicker by .18 of an inch, making that board more buoyant as well. This board performs like a skimboard but has a little additional buoyancy like a Surfstyle board. 

Prepare to be impressed.





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