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2024 SpaceMonkey 2.0 PRO Carbon

2024 SpaceMonkey 2.0 PRO Carbon

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  • Full Carbon deck for added stiffness and overall board strength
  • Zap Style Diamond Nose (Mini Diamond Nose)
  • MŌNŌ H2 Flow Technology - Single Bottom Concave to a double concave tail. 
  • Wave Grip Technology - Optimal Edge Sharpness, tip to tail
  • Nose to Tail Carbon Fiber - Optimal for strength and responsiveness 
  • Dual Stavron Fin Boxes - angled in true Surf-Style for optimal fin aided board propulsion. 
  • Surf Style Fins 4.5"/8º Fins or 3.5/8º Fins for a faster release.
  • Square Tail - for quick backend release and more Z Style Turns
  • Surf Style - With a minimal level of Stability of optimal aggressive rideability, H2Flow Single Concave, Speed, Spins, Air, & Snap Turns
  • Wedge Back Tail - To help with board float and easy lift
  • Ō EVA Traction - With No Slip Grip


4'4"        for Riders 125-165 lb

4'6"        for Riders 170-205 lb

4'8"        for Riders 210-235 lb

  • Surf Style
  • Advanced to Pro Level    -    riding Style 

The Space Monkey wakesurf board is designed for the most aggressive surfers with a high skill set. This wakesurf board uses a single concave that flows into a double fluted tail section gives the surfer speed, control, and turnability. When you let loose on the Space Monkey the rider to fly down the line and slash turns on their way to boosting airs with ease. The flat bottom combined with our Wave Grip Technology helps the rider spin and set an edge and carve the face like butter.

To reach the fullest potential of this board, we recommend this board for experienced to advanced riders who want to take their wakesurf game to the next level.


2 MŌNŌ 4.5"x8° Surf-Style FINS



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