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Fusion Comp Vest

Fusion Comp Vest

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X-Small  34-37 inches 
Small  36-39 inches 
Medium  39-42 inches 
Large  41-44 inches 
X-Large  43-47 inches 
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Mono Fusion Comp Vest is a fusion of technology and style for an unbeatable combination of performance and comfort. We have built in the rear panel with stretch-neoprene that allows one vest to fit a large range of sized people.

Lightweight Nytrolite foam is lighter than traditional foams used in USCG vests and absorbs 20% less water. The overall effect of this is that you feel like you're barely wearing anything. Our Vest dries very fast and is more buoyant than the PVC foam that is used on most Comp Vests, and will look thinner while still keeping you safe.

The front zipper closure on the Mono Fusion allows for easy access, and the perfect sized armholes give you freedom of movement and maximum comfort. The Fusions simple design and large upper chest piece also allow the vest to be more unisex.

Ride confidently because you might just be wearing the perfect combination of performance and style on the water.

Key Features:
• 80% UltraFlex DS
• 20% Stretch Neoprene
• Smooth Struggle free entry
• 100% Flex-conscious design
• Strategic Armhole Size
• #10 YKK Zipper with Safety Tab

Comp Vest
• The thin, lightest, and flexible
• Less restrictive for improved performance
• Less foam in vest to reduce bulkiness and max stretch
• More comfortable than a USCG life jacket and offers increased range of motion

If you are looking for a Coast Guard Approved life jacket, this is not the choice

NOTE: Competition style wakeboard vests, more commonly known as comp vests, are not USCG approved. Please check your state's regulation on the type of vest that you are required to wear while legally riding. Many people prefer the freedom of movement that a comp vest provides while riding, they are much lighter and less restrictive. However, a comp vest doesn't offer the same flotation or level of safety that a CGA life jacket offers, so make sure that you always chose safety over comfort.

The comp Vest is a popular option for more advanced riders, and in all competition riding they are legal to use because the competitions generally have a safety protocol on site that normal riding does not have. The added comfort and range of motion can help improve your riding while trying tricks. A comp vest is not recommended for beginners, elderly or people who already struggle getting up on wakeboards or wakesurf boards because of its limited flotation makes it more difficult to get your body in proper position.

Note: YOU CANNOT operate a PWC (personal watercraft) such as a jet ski, seadoo or any other brand while wearing a comp vest. Please wear a US Coast Guard Approved Vest while operating any of these types of watercraft. Also, most states require as many USCG approved vests on the boat, as you have passengers.

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