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The Bigfoot

The Bigfoot

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  • Flip Tip Nose Rocker
  • MŌNŌ H2 Flow Technology - Combines a skim style bottom and traditional flute concaves
  • Wave Grip Technology - Optimal Edge Sharpness
  • Wide Swallow Tail
  • Aggressive grommets ready to take their wakesurfing to the next level.
  • Quad Fin FCS2 Boxes - Surf style front FCS2 fins and rear nubs
  • Ō EVA Traction - No Slip Grip
  • Optional - 5.0 Board bag.


3'10"         for Riders 80-115 lb

*Fitting also depends on the quality of the wave and the riders' ability. If you have a surfboat that is 2018 or newer, then these weights and board sizes should work. For older boats, it is best if you keep the riders on the lighter side of the scale. 

  • Traditional Surf Style
  • Flip Tip Nose Rocker
  • Grom Approved (or any riders 75-105 lbs)

As wakesurf enthusiasts and parents who want to pass the stoke to your groms. We came up with the Bigfoot wakesurf board for kids who already know how to ride but are looking for the next great thing to help make them a true shredder. With its increased nose rocker it is forgiving when the young wakesurfer goes from wave to the flats and helps reduce the pearl dive. You will find this board a perfect move up from the starter/kids board and the next evolution in riding for many kids. The bigfoot is designed to be stable and easy for the rider to feel comfortable on while being agile enough that kids can progress into the next level of riding. This “kids” wakesurf board is focused on those who already know how to get up, who think standing still is just “so boring”. The Bigfoot is a true surf style board and is meant to be ridden, not just stood on.

Increased rocker through the wakesurf board to help reduce the speed to keep the grom’s in the sweet spot and reduce the fear of running into the swim deck. Classic triple concave shape, double tail concave within a single concave, giving the board speed and control when the grommet’s want to put down the hammer.

To reach the fullest potential of this kid wakesurf board, we recommend the Bigfoot wakesurf board for young wakesurfers who are ready to take it to the next level and challenge their older siblings.



3 MŌNŌ 4.0" FINS


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