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The Rasta

The Rasta

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  • Flat Dive Nose
  • MŌNŌ H2 Flow Technology - with edge to edge traditional flute concaves for fast water flow and stability
  • Wave Grip Technology - Optimal Edge Sharpness, tip to tail
  • Quad Fin Stavron Fin Boxes -
  • Surf Style Fins 4.5"/8º Fins 
  • Trailing Rear MŌNŌ Chubs Fins (for stability)
  • Round Tail - Optimal tail for smooth longer turns
  • Traditional Surf Style - Control, Speed, Spins, Air, & Smooth Turns
  • Ō EVA Traction - With No Slip Grip


4'4"        for Riders 125-165 lb

4'6"        for Riders 170-205 lb

4'8"        for Riders 210-235 lb

*Fitting also depends on the quality of the wave and the riders ability. If you have a surfboat, from one of the major brands, that is 2020 or new then these weights and board sizes should work.

  • Surf Style
  • Intermediate to Expert

    The Rasta wakesurf board is smooth and fast. With its round tail and dual edge to edge channels concaves running the entire length of the board that will help you glide across the water with speed and agility. This board let’s the surfer make long smooth cuts and when your ready you can eliminate the trailing Chub Fins to increase the slashing turns while maintaining speed and gain even more pop.

    We have our standard wide Diamond No-Dive-Nose, MŌNŌ Wave Grip Edge Technology, and with a round tail for long, smooth turns. The Rasta wakesurf board is fast, very responsive and quick to move around. Speed with smooth turns are a rad combination when the wakesurfer wants to let rip with style. This is the perfect board for the wakesurfer who loves to air, carve or spin. The Rasta wakesurf board is the OG and first in our line and will always be one of our favorites and it will be one of yours.

    To reach the fullest potential of this board we recommend this board for intermediate to expert wakesurfers.


    2 MŌNŌ 4.5"x8° Surf-Style FINS



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