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2024 WakeDrifter & MiniDrifter

2024 WakeDrifter & MiniDrifter

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  • Surf Inspired Egg Nose
  • MŌNŌ H2 Flow Technology - slight center concave and flat front section for easy nose-riding ability.
  • Wave Grip Technology - Optimal Edge Sharpness, more than half way up the board.
  • Tri-Fin Stavron Fin Boxes - Perfect for riding style options
  • Surf Style Fins 4.5"/8º Fins 
  • Thin Back Tail Section- for optimal wave absorption and control
  • Longboard Surf Style-True Ocean riding feel with cruiser style
  • Ō EVA Traction - With No Slip Grip




5'8"        for Riders 135-215 lb

6'2""      for Riders 165-300 lb


*Fitting also depends on the quality of the wave and the riders ability. If you have a surfboat, from one of the major brands, that is 2020 or new then these weights and board sizes should work.

  • Beginner to Advanced 

The WakeDrifter and MiniDrifter were inspired by Chris Ruddy Surfboards and his 30 years in the surf industry. His extensive Longboard and Drifter Style board building knowledge has led us to the promised land. Chris knew that we wanted to build a long cruiser that brought all the style of surfing Doheny right into your boat. 

YES, The WakeDrifter is large (And the Mini, isn't that Mini). There we said it, now that we have that out of the way!!  We have never had a board that sold out so fast in its first run of manufacturing. This board will quickly become your families favorite and will never be left at home. One rider, Two riders and we have even seen three, this is pure magic.  If you have a boat that might not have the same wave as the newer style masterpiece this board is the one for you. I know you think its crazy but we have customers who have Pontoon Boats that surf this board. 

To get the most out of this board we recommend this for the wakesurfer who loves cruising, beginner to expert. Honestly, we don't have a weight range for the WakeDrifter because we have riders from 110 lb to 300 lb that have ridden this board and the MiniDrifter is honestly the same board just a little more nimble, because it is a little smaller.



2 MŌNŌ 4.5"x8° Surf-Style FINS



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